Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shall we believe science?

Why we should not put all of our belief in scientists. You gotta love it. This study goes back 13 years and has caused enough debate and lost resources that were just wated. Funny thing, when you combine greed with science or religion you get chaos.

I'll take two of the non-greedy science and religion please.


AC said...

"Faith" is a flawed concept, I seriously don't understand why it's considered a virtue.

Look at all the fools out there that were putting faith it this study, yet ignoring the overwhelming contradictory evidence. There are still people out there inadvertently murdering their children because of their flawed personal beliefs.

Phaedrus said...

The trick is what we put faith in. When you put faith in a flawed thing, I think you are right, it is flawed. If you put faith in a true thing, then I don't think it is. Consider for example the one has has "faith" in a particular stock that actually does well. Then one would say that faith was well placed. If however one puts their faith into a con man. One would say that faith was not well placed.