Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I love Carlsbad

So, I've been thinking about building shelves for one of our closets because I know Anna would really like them. It will require 2 sheets of plywood and roughly 5 2x4s. Today I was talking to my neighbor Ivan and mentioned the idea and he said, "Hey, Megan has some wood over there you should see if she would let you have it." So I asked and sure enough, they said I could have it, that they were happy to be rid of it. That haul provided me with 2 of the shelves and the 2 x 4s. So I thought to ask Ivan if he had a saw (he has everything). So, I'm sitting there for about 10 minutes getting the wood together and double checking my measurements and he comes out and gets a mitre saw out for cutting the 2x4's then a circular saw for the plywood. Then a pencil, a square, safety googles, and various drill bits for handling the screws. (He is a construction framer by trade).

I'm somewhat overwhelmed at his willingness to help out (but he is one of the most friendly people in the world.) Then he asks if I like spicy food. I say "Yeah, usually, as long as it doesn't burn me up!"). And then I start cutting the wood. By the time I am done with the first one he has brought a plate of chicken tacos and beans and a soda. How can you not love a neighbor like that!

Then we were talking about cars and things (he is rebuilding his datsun 510-and I mean completely rebuilding) and he offered to help us change our oil on our cars. (He spent an hour doing the brakes today).

Yes, yes, I do know how to change oil, I just don't have most of the tools for it. (Oil pan, something to lift up the car). Anyway, he has all that, so next Saturday, we will plan to fix the car.

Everyone needs a neighbor like Ivan. Everyone should be a neighbor like Ivan.

Going on ... our kids get along wonderfully (his are 14, 12, and 9). Also all our other neighbors are all great. Today there was about 8 kids just playing between the houses and it was just so fun. A little piece of heaven on earth. What wonderful neighbors we have.


Lovin' Life said...

That is awesome Curtis! Neighbors like that are great! We love you and miss you.

AC said...

You have moved to an awesome land, I am envious. It's so happy that you are next to nice people too, nice people rock. We all need to be the nice person. I try to be.

Charity said...

We had awesome neighbors back in Tucson- It's amazing how good neighbors shape the way you feel about a place and encourages me to try and be a better neighbor.