Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is finished...oh wait!

Anna's been in AZ for the past 6 weeks. My goal while she was gone was to clean the garage. Naturally, the easiest way to do that would be to finish the storage room and put all the junk there. To finish the storage room, I needed to finish the framing and wiring. To finish the wiring I needed more wire and to tie everything off. To finish the framing I had to set up fireblocks between many of the 2x4s.

On Thursday, I thought "It is finished" then I was at home depot and saw the 6/3 wire was cheaper than I thought (50 amps - for electric range/hot tub). I talked to Anna and we decided to go ahead and put that in.

Last night, after Cherstin and Jordan came over to help me pull the nasty wire, I thought "It is finished", then I remembered I still had to put the fire breaks in.

Today, I put everything in and thought "It is finished" then as I was looking around, I noticed I missed a few spots that required insulation for the fire breaks, these were already in a different place so I had to move them, then cut some wood for the first place, then nail the wood in. Argh, so many details, it is driving me CRAZY!

Finally 7:00pm tonight, I walked upstairs and said "it is finished"
...Oh Wait, I still need to connect the two new fire alarms, finish drilling the holes for the 2 gauge wire to the main panel, pull the 2 gauge wire to the main panel, and wire all the switches. Blah.

So, I still think the "framing" is finished (at least in the last 28 minutes I can't think of anything else to do). The electrical will just have to wait. I am tired. I did run the pipe from the bathroom fan to the outside wall, that doesn't fall under framing or electrical (probably mechanical), but at least it is mostly done (still have to attach to outside of house)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

something more fun!

I love kids!

Oh Goverment, change thy ways, or we the people will

Some of you may have seen this, I think it is important to share. Despite all these fun videos, my question is what is to be done. Yeah, we get there is a problem. What is to be done.

I also did like the video on this link, it helps clarify the world of potential governments.

Also, I found this video from the Comptroller General

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Casting aside confidence or stupor of thought?

There are lots of things going on about this company. A couple weeks ago David received a draft of an employment contract from 5D robotics. The letter said basic stuff about pay, stocks, options and things. David told me about it, but then said that he felt almost sick inside at the thought of accepting that offer. At first, I thought it was the temptation of Satan to cause us to doubt something that we learned. But I think I thought that more because I thought 5D was a “good option” rather than trying to give un-biased feedback.

Between here and there, David went to visit SRI on an invitation from them and with the goal of exploring an employment relationship. Things apparently went really really well and David said for the first time, he really feels good about the opportunity. He said there are a couple of things that need to be ironed out. But the thing that interested me, was how he felt about that. With the 5D offer he felt “sick” with the SRI offer he felt “at peace”.

When I take these discussions with David from an LDS doctrine perspective, it seems clear that the spirit is saying something to the effect of “SRI is the better choice” (Again, this comes second hand from David, as I feel that either are good choices, but for me, the better choice is to work with David.) What interested me, was the advice that I had given and how it perhaps wasn’t the right advice in this scenario. Fortunately it didn’t have dire consequences, but one could certainly imagine other scenarios where incorrect advice might have more lasting effects.

To that end, I’ve been thinking about the difference between D&C 9 - having a stupor of thought - and the talk from Elder Holland (cast not aside therefore your confidence). At one level, both of these would cause you to believe something is not right, but for opposite reasons. D&C 9 would say the spirit did not support it, Elder Holland might say Satan is trying to get you to doubt. I think this is a critical distinction because a misinterpretation would lead you down the wrong path. So, how do we discern between the Spirit saying “no” and “casting aside our confidence”.

This becomes clearer as I think about it. First, you can’t “cast aside confidence” unless you already know something or have confidence in something. Elder Holland was referring to “once you have gained a witness”, or had a spiritual insight, then with that knowledge, you should not let doubts erode your confidence. On the other hand, D&C 9 is about studying it out in your mind and then asking if it be right, if it is you will feel that it is right, if it is not, you will have a stupor of thought (I often hear people say this as “feeling sick”) D&C 9 is about how to make a choice. Elder Holland is about having made a choice and received a testimony and remembering that witness.

In light of our employment situation, David is looking to make a choice, with 5D, he felt sick, so the way things were, probably not the right choice. With SRI, he felt that it was right, so, probably the right choice.

David is not LDS, but working with him, sure helps me clarify my own faith, it has been inspiring to watch him as I know the spirit works with him in an effort to accomplish something great.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I think this video is very interesting to watch and I think we need to do things about it.  Like save, stop spending (sorry bailout supporters) cut medicare and medicaid and stop social security. And get some leaders on capitol hill that will stand up and fix this.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Feud and silly people

My brother sent this to me, I just couldn't stop laughing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of Nertz at the Williams'

Today after church I went to the Williams' for company.  We played Nertz, it was hilarious, everyone was in a very silly mode and Karen was laughing so hard she had tears streaming down her cheeks.  Two of the kids had to get up in the middle of the game to go to the bathroom because they were laughing so hard.  It was really really fun.  They call me comic relief, tonight, I had way more comic relief than they did.  It reminded me of home, growing up and watching mom just die laughing.