Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is finished...oh wait!

Anna's been in AZ for the past 6 weeks. My goal while she was gone was to clean the garage. Naturally, the easiest way to do that would be to finish the storage room and put all the junk there. To finish the storage room, I needed to finish the framing and wiring. To finish the wiring I needed more wire and to tie everything off. To finish the framing I had to set up fireblocks between many of the 2x4s.

On Thursday, I thought "It is finished" then I was at home depot and saw the 6/3 wire was cheaper than I thought (50 amps - for electric range/hot tub). I talked to Anna and we decided to go ahead and put that in.

Last night, after Cherstin and Jordan came over to help me pull the nasty wire, I thought "It is finished", then I remembered I still had to put the fire breaks in.

Today, I put everything in and thought "It is finished" then as I was looking around, I noticed I missed a few spots that required insulation for the fire breaks, these were already in a different place so I had to move them, then cut some wood for the first place, then nail the wood in. Argh, so many details, it is driving me CRAZY!

Finally 7:00pm tonight, I walked upstairs and said "it is finished"
...Oh Wait, I still need to connect the two new fire alarms, finish drilling the holes for the 2 gauge wire to the main panel, pull the 2 gauge wire to the main panel, and wire all the switches. Blah.

So, I still think the "framing" is finished (at least in the last 28 minutes I can't think of anything else to do). The electrical will just have to wait. I am tired. I did run the pipe from the bathroom fan to the outside wall, that doesn't fall under framing or electrical (probably mechanical), but at least it is mostly done (still have to attach to outside of house)

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Charity said...

hee hee you should know by now that "house projects" are never finished!