Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alone with a psycho cat

So, today I was eating lunch and Haiku (the kit) was sitting on the table in front of me, all of a sudden she looks past me with this psycho fixed stare and starts chatting her teeth.  No kidding!  She started making this weird clicking sound. I tried to get her attention, but her eyes were glued on something outside (thankfully not me!)  It freaked me out enough I had to get away as I could only think of poor old yeller.  I looked where she was looking and there was a crow in the top of the tree.  Poor cat, now I realize their problem. I think Haiku is just mad that she can't move in 3D! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gingerbread houses out of Gram Cracker

We made gingerbread houses this year at Christmas time, it was great fun, we cheated and used Gram Cracker because it is way easier and faster and less hassle than regular gingerbread. Arden and I chose a bunch of different candies (like 20) to decorate the houses. Here the kids are eyeballing the candy knowing full well that candy is to be eaten not put on houses!

Here is Arden's House

Here is Cherish's

Here is Riley's

Here is Mary's
(I love the jeep in the garage)

Here is Alli's

I always thought gingerbread houses (or maybe they should be called gram houses?) were too boring if they look anything like houses, so I decided to make a marble works gram house. Here is a picture and a video