Monday, December 13, 2010

I hate computers

Yeah, I'm running windows xp. Haven't upgraded. Got a new Ati Radeon HD 5770. Drivers = nightmare. with ATI, you have to uninstall previous before install new. Probably the same with others, and I agree it is generally good advice.

Problem is I have an ati southbridge chipset. So in process of uninstalling graphics, I uninstalled chipset. No problem right, just re-install motherboard drivers. Did that, but then no display adapter in the device manager. Seriously?? I have an HD 4200 integrated on the motherboard a 5770 on the PCIe slot and neither are detected as "display adapters" So I can't install drivers for either because installation fails "no hardware for drivers" Seriously? Figured that someplace in all the uninstall/reinstall and cleaning, I messed up windows xp. Tried upgrading to sp3, install worked didn't change anything. I tried repair but had old version of xp. So slipstreamed a winxp + sp3 disk so I can boot from there, but just found out dvd burner doesn't work. For the love! (I can't open the drive, yeah I broke it while trying...still not opened though). I mean for real! Does it ever end? I figure the best I can hope for now is new HD, get windows 7 fresh install, keep old drive and piece by piece put my life together again.

I think I'm gonna get a mac. Dang, they are like 10x the cost of a windows box and like 50x the cost of a hard drive....weak sauce.


New strategy: Succeed at business. Sell business. Buy sweet computer

Sigh, just want the dumb thing to work.

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Jon said...

I hear ya... I've been opening my DVD drive for the past 6 months using a paperclip, and XP won't recognize my new SATA HDD.