Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas thoughts

Each year we around this time we have a "Mary and Joseph" dinner. We like to talk about the Christmas story rather than just read it because it allows much more pondering and meditation rather than cursory readings. Anyway, here are some of the things mentioned this year that gave me pause to consider.

Where did the wise men (kings) come from? The star was in the east, so they must have come from West of Jerusalem. Was it close? Ethiopia? Libya? France? Spain, The Americas? What if the Nephites knew of this and built a boat to come over and find it?

How long was the star there? Did it shine for a day, a week, a month, a year? They life of the Savior?

Who supported Mary in the child birth? Just Joseph? Angels?

Why a stable? (symbolic of lowly birth? Quiet and peaceful for mother and family? Humble beginnings?

Why was it that the angels were seen by the shepherds? They lived a quiet life which probably gave them plenty of time to ponder. Where their spirits prepared. Everyone else was busy getting "ready for the season" (taxes in their case, "Christmas" in ours). Did they just miss the signs? Do we miss the signs? What are they? Would not the angels just burst out of Heaven for the most important birth in the history of the Earth? and the Shepherds were the only ones close to the same page as the angels?

What if the heavens were bursting with angelic joy and song and we were too busy fighting traffic, people, and prices to even notice?

I love this season. My love and I have been doing wonderful at minimizing activities and stress over the holidays. It has been lovely.

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