Sunday, March 6, 2011

A great day

Last week we finally earned our Legoland tickets (the kids read 1,000 books). So, we got the tickets on Friday and have already been twice. It is nice to not worry about "getting our money worth" so we can go and hang out or go on rides, or not. Legoland really is a lego lover's dream come true. There are so many lego things to see! Yesterday Arden and I went on one roller coaster that had a fairly steep initial drop and at the other side of the drop Arden said "I don't think this was a very good idea!" The people behind us got a kick out of that. Afterwards, Arden was pretty excited about it. We had a great day yesterday, I replaced the brake pads and rotors on the van, we went to Legoland, went to the beach, and had brats and hot dogs and homemade french fries for dinner. Just a great day!

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