Sunday, November 7, 2010

Isaiah 65

I read this verse today in Isaiah 65:22

"They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat..."

I've been talking to the kids quite a bit about what I view as the American way, and this is a good part of it. We do not build so another can live there, or cook so another can eat, or sow so another can harvest. We make the world a better place so we can live in a better place.

Today Maile and I made cookies, I asked Arden if he wanted to help, but he was doing stuff outside. When he came in, he asked for cookies. I said he had to wait. He said but Maile is eating some and it isn't fair. I quickly corrected that nonsense. "No," I said, "What is not fair, is Maile working to make cookies and you expecting to eat them." Then we had a nice discussion about sharing and how that was supposed to be good. Well yes, but for people that do stuff; that help and work in whatever way they can, then we can share with a clear conscience. And I am all for charity, you wanna give, give. I will not judge that.

Arden's a good kid and I told him he could have a couple snitches of the cookie dough. Then I told him Maile received another reward for helping; she got to snitch all the while making the dough, she probably had 10 times the snitches Arden got because she was helping. I told him that is what is fair, that is the American way, you work harder then others, you should get more than others. Not fair is someone working less and complaining about the one who worked more and got more.