Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ah, the freedom of self employment

Boy does it feel good to know that every time you work a little extra, it comes back to you. Its a lot of work getting this thing off the ground but we have some really good folks that we are working with. I left the lab with my good friend and colleague David Bruemmer. Our company is 5D Robotics, Inc. We create software that makes robots more useful.

Right now we are in process of writing a bunch of proposals, it has been educational, I see where we should take more of a leadership for the next round and I see better how the whole process goes.

Late nights, early mornings, work throughout most of the day, what a joy it is! I haven't felt this alive since...yesterday! a side note, no one said its not work, its just work worth doing!


Jenni said...

Glad to hear it is going well! You deserve nothing but the best!

The Writer said...

I'm glad to hear you're making progress also. I'm getting excited about getting involved. :)

Judy said...

Hi, Phaedres. It's Sisyphus here, also known as Jennifer Walton's mommy. So great to hear that you're doing well. How is your family? I saw your Dad in the grocery store about a week ago. He looks good and is as funny as ever. Speaking of that, do you remember the treatis he wrote called something like "Dark Suckers" as a way to describe light bulbs. I laughed until I could hardly breathe at his sardonic humor and how totally logical it was. Do you happen to have a copy of that? I'm willing to pay millions. :-) Take care, Harry. The little boy who used to call you that (Harry, the ding-dong head) is now 6'4" and a sophomore at BYU. He returned from serving as a missionary 8 months ago. He is now fluent in Spanish, which means that I have to stop the ruse that I learned anything in college from my 32 credit hours of Espanol.

This might just be the longest "comment" you've ever had to wade through. My apologies for the length. Wish you the best in everything. Keep in touch, ok?
J Walton