Saturday, July 18, 2009


We went canoeing today, that was awesome!!!!

Anna wants to drive straight down the river, no floating, always paddling, heading straight lollygagging either..., no way, let the river take you where it wants you to go, you are just along for the ride, besides, c'mon, your really going to get there weather you paddle or not!

Cherstin and Carrie were there...
and struggling!!!
When the waterfights happened, Carrie was just wailing on Cherstin, she was so wet!
Within 1/4 mile of the end we were right next to them then we finished and got out of our canoe and Cherstin and Carrie were nowhere to be found. About 30 minutes later they came down and they were both completely soaked. Apparently Cherstin was losing the waterfight so bad that she decided to swamp the boat soaking Carrie and forcing a stalemate! Well played I say!

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