Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Politics drive me crazy. I've been following the elections this year quite a bit, and have not found a clear candidate that I believe can get this country on track. I am not sure if it is the candidates I don't trust, or everyone else and the candidates are just a focal point. The basic questions in my mind are why we (as a country) have been spending more than we pull in. I mean, everyone should know that if you spend more than you make, eventually you have to pay the piper. But it seems that people just don't care about good ethics and doing right for the country. Rather, its more about raking more money into the stashes of individuals than righting the country. Take the war for instance, I wonder if it isn't as much, or more, a money making scheme for large "defense contractors" rather than a defense of freedom. I sure hope it isn't about making some people rich, because good American blood was the price paid...

The challenge I've had is that I thought in general democrats tend to focus on bigger government while republicans tend to focus on smaller government and bigger business. In the upcoming election is the "smaller government" going to keep spending as much as it has been? And is the "bigger government" going to spending even more, or are the roles reversing? Its tough to straighten out for someone who doesn't have all day to stay up to date on the latest political shenanigans. Anyway, right now I'm leading towards Mitt Romney, he seems to not be as involved in the childishness of other politicians and seems to have a rather large, although mostly quiet, support group.

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